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Processing and Automation
of production plants for
Petfood, Fishfood
and Animalfeed


Pro-Consult Kolding
Juliv├Žnget 52
DK- 6000 Kolding

Phone: (45) 40726578
Fax: (45) 75518274


Company Profile

Pro-Consult is a Danish engineering and general project management company that designs and develops new processes and production systems mainly for the petfood, fishfood and animalfeed industries.

Pro-Consults additional services include both heat and energy recovery systems and focus on fine tuning of plant and equipment processes.

Pro-Consult innovates the basic technologies of grinding, mixing, thermal treatment, pelleting and extrusion processes.

Pro-Consults top priority is to improve the performance and productivity of present day production lines that manufacture petfood, fishfood and animalfeed.